a. lange & sohne saxonia Questions of restructuring from the nation, especially restructuring the Nepal Army, come right after the profitable accomplishment of your constituent assembly elections. swiss panerai replica As per the mandate of the people's movement II for complete democracy the only political technique that may restructure the nation will be the institutions in the electoral democracy that comply around the fundamental norms and principles with the 'Electoral Democracy' ĘC the democracy that guarantees 'Civil Liberty' and protections on the fundamental 'Human Rights.'

The totalitarian and the arbitrary feudal oligarchic systems within the name from the democracy can't restructure the nation at this point and time with all the mandate of your people's movement II. To attempt to take unnecessary political advantage on the people's movement II are going to be dishonor towards the persons of Nepal.


It is time for terminations of feudal oligarchic and totalitarian mindsets, which have dreamed to rule the persons with all the arbitrary rule of law at their will. It can be time for these primitive forces to transform in towards the practice of rule of law that have implemented with the electoral legislative procedures by the representatives on the people of Nepal.

It is going to be shame on to the SPA leaderships if they cannot negotiate with the Maoists by disarming them for thriving constituent assembly elections that may pave the way for 'peace' replica breitling watch stability and security, and 'democracy' a method of competitive electoral democracy that will guarantee the 'Civil Liberty' and shield the fundamental 'Human Rights' of folks of Nepal.

Our civil liberty has been pounded for two hundred and fifty years by the ruthless feudal oligarchic dictators. Our standard human rights happen to be crushed and shattered for final twelve years of political conflicts lodged by the totalitarian ideology. Our human consciousness can hardly penetrate the atrocities - torture and death inflicted by the state along with the rebels.

If these party leaderships in each SPA and also the Maoists do truly respect the people's aspiration for the nation's result in then they will have to sacrifice their political preferences to please their celebration ideology and sentiments of celebration cadres.

If they have to sacrifice the ceremonial monarchy for the sake of peace, happiness and prosperity of the men and women of Nepal, then they ought to consider to disarm the Maoist militias; when the majority in peace summit vote for the 'republic' that may rationally assist to disarm the Maoist militias, then they need to not back-up with their stubborn political ideology to please their celebration cadres.

I even say in the event the monarchy can contribute by sacrificing his ceremonial position to bring 'Peaceful Democratic Nepal', panerai imitation then it ought to show its compassion with no pause for the trigger in the nation.

The question is ĘC 'Are there such leaders with such political vision for the nation at this national crises, who see that they are the result in for this national suffering and see the urgency to sacrifice their predisposed positions to provide method to peace and prosperity of persons of Nepal '

Let us hope for the top and see what the SPA as well as the Maoist leaderships bring forth around the up-coming peace summit replica watch iwc . If they will bring about the adjust with their negotiations for the folks of Nepal then we have to adore them all.

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